KiTS is a Cross-Media Marketing Platform

Personalized. Relevant. Segmented.
Time Tested. Market Proven.
One Place. One Button.

The KiTS system is transformative for Brands that recognize the power of VDP 1:1 Personalization & Segmentation with Brand Control.

KiTS integrates “e” + Print + Social into a single dashboard to create, send & analyze marketing touchpoints.

KiTS delivers spectacular ROI.

Key Features of KiTS

Cross Media: One dashboard connects live data for eMail, Print & Social marketing outputs. No confused exports & imports – KiTS delivers seamless dashboard control.

End-to-End: KiTS Production Suite integrates each process of Cross Media VDP Production and Distribution. From Data as the start point, through to account-level Invoicing, and Asset Management, going beyond the press with proprietary production reporting from Bindery, and granular eMail Analytics. The KiTS Suite is singularly unique.

Easy to Do, Easy to Repeat: KiTS simplifies the process for Users, Marketers and Service Providers. Programmatically or On-Demand, it’s easy and it works, making it a go-to tool for MarCom.

Benefits of Using KiTS

Ease of Use: Simplifying complex processes ensures buy-in from Users at all levels. Straightforward workflows mean people actually use the system.
KiTS User Engagement levels are high.

Repeatability Creates Economics: A repeatable process translates to optimized Sales ROI and Production ROI.
We work by subscription, creating predictable & recurring economic benefits.

Automation: By automating marketing activities for all, or select user levels, KiTS shifts the paradigm. Easily manage personalized relevance, brand control, compliance and regionalization – all within one Cross-Media system.
We've baked in Automated Intelligence for years and are Internationally Awarded.

In a multi-channel world, compliance & brand tighten the guide-rails. The pathway through the noise for audience attention is Relevance ­– KiTS checks all the boxes.

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