When people you know, think money, do they think "you"?

Everybody you know – is different.
Some are Family & Friends.
Others are Past Clients, or Potential Clients.
And others are your COI – Circle of Influence.
KiTS publishes to each of your Contacts based on how you know them.

And they live in different home-types.
Some live in Freehold homes.
Others in Condominium Apartments.
And some in Condo Townhomes.
Yet, others are in a Rental.

Sending to 150 Contacts?
KiTS publishes 150 personalized marketing newsletters –
each and every one different - tailored to how you know them, and where they live .

Customized, personalized marketing with relevance.

CRM plus KiTSMobile

A CRM system should grow your business, not occupy your time.

KiTSPak.com, connects you to your Contacts, PLUS a Communications & Variable Data print marketing system that keeps you front & centre.
And with the SmartPhone Web-App included, it’s great on-the-go.

Easy to use –
    •    Logical interface
    •    No repetitious inputs
    •    Contacts at-a-glance, or in detail
    •    Dashboard reporting
    •    Email reminders
    •    SmartPhone Web-App for on-the-go ease

Track complete Client Mortgage Details including renewal reminders, across multiple properties or portfolios.

Effectively Manage:
    Key Psychographic Data Points, including –
        • Relationship Types
        • Home Styles
        for personalization of -
        • Newsletter Campaigns
        • Postcards
        • Calendar Lists
        • Holiday & Life Event Relationship reminders

PLUS - Social Media Tweet/Post of the Day

QR Code + Mobile MicroSite

What     QR Code – Quick Links SmartPhones to you! 
                Mobile MicroSite – Website designed for readability on
                small SmartPhone screens.
Where:    On Signs, Business Cards, Marketing Materials
Why:       Desktop-styled websites don’t fit onto SmartPhone screens.
               They’re hard to see & difficult to navigate.
                SmartPhone screens are the “new” web.
                Your KiTS marketing suite includes your own QR code.
                PLUS, your own Mobile MicroSite – Branded to You

Direct Links to –
    • Your Phone
    • Your Email
    • Your Social Media HotLinks
    • Your desktop-heavy website

@Home News - Gets Attention

What:    VDP One-to-One Direct Mail Marketing
Who:     Friends & Family, Past Clients, Circle of Influence,
              Prospects - the people who know you, like you, trust you.
Why:     In a world of too much Blah, Blah - @Home is your
              targeted consistent communicator – that
              builds & maintains MindShare.  

    •    Customized to you.
    •    Personalized to them –
         By the type of home.
         By how you know them.
         A different newsletter for every Contact.
    •    Smart topics – Up-to-date articles and clever graphics.
    •    Relevant   – to your line-of-business
                           – to the interests of your audience.
    •    Envelope sparks attention.
    •    Postage Stamped mail gets attention.
    •    Easy & Automated – KiTS does it all for you!
         Research. Writing. Design. Printing. Folding. Inserting.
         We lick the Envelope & stick the Stamp.
        And even deliver to Canada Post, for you!


VDP Messages that Fascinate & Engage
What:  Variable Data Personalized Postcards.
Who:   Friends & Family, Past Clients, Circle of Influence,
            Prospects – the people who know you, like you, trust you.
Why:   In a world of too much Blah, Blah - KiTSCards resonate
            to build & maintain mindshare.    
            Every single Card is printed from you and then
            personalized to each Contact.

    •    Customized to you.
    •    ‘WOW’ Personalized to them – Relevant to how you know them.
    •    Smart graphics – to capture attention.
    •    Stamped mail gets attention.
    •    Fast to Market – From data-pull, to in-mail time.
    •    Easy & Automated

VDP WOW Calendars

What:     A 12 month calendar branded to you,
               then, personalized to each Contact.
Who:     Your COI. Your Boosters. Your Influencers.
Why:     Calendars have become ho-hum.
              Everyone sends them.
              KiTS VDP calendars Grab BIG attention.
              Delivers 100% WOW! Your Contact’s name is  
              personalized into each photo.
Customized to You – KiTS VDP Calendars feature your photo, your brand, your contact information on every page.

KiTS is “the” calendar that hangs around ALL year. It’s a keeper!

    •    Every month is branded to you.
    •    Your Contact’s name is personalized right into each image.
    •    You pick who gets one... KiTS does the rest.
    •    Choice of format & size.
    •    150 Contacts = 150 very different calendars.
    •    Customized to You. Personalized to Them,



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